Scitylana temporarily holds your Google Analytics data while moving it to your destination

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When you configure a Google Analytics data extraction in the Sciylana UI you delegate permanent read access to Scitylana for doing queries agains the Google Analytics API when you are offline.  This is necessary since we process data automatically around the clock.
The Scitylana delegated API access flow follows Googles official guidelines. Scitylana is an officially approved and validated Google App.
At any time you can disconnect and revoke the delegated read access access. There is no way for Scitylana to access your data after revoke access. 

We securely store the delegated access in the configuration we use to process your data. We only access your data in Google Analytics  via the provided Google Analytics API when we need to pull daily updated data or historical data on your instructions.
Data is only available on Scitylana servers while we process the data. We try to keep the data in motion as much as technically possible. 
We temporarily store a single day of data on our servers for less than a minute.


As .soon as a completed day of data has been processed we initiate the cloud upload to the chosen destination. Currently we offer Microsoft Azure, AWS S3 and Google BigQuery as destination.
We user the following security patterns.
Microsoft Azure
We gain read and write access to a dedicated BLOB storage account. The delegation is done using a Shared Access Signature. These signature has a pre-set lifespan and permissions configurable by you and you can revoke access at any time.
We gain read and write access to a dedicated S3 storage bucket using the role based access control. Scitylana requests to assume the role to gain access. You can revoke the access at any time. Scitylana recommends that the bucket Scitylana gains access to is limited to only contain data from Scitylana. Scitylana uses the read access to book keep what data has been uploaded in situations you have lost data. We use write access to deliver the processed data.
 Google BigQuery
We gain BigQuery Admin permissions to a Google Cloud Project,. The cloud project must be exclusively dedicated to contain the data delivered by Scitylana. Scitylana maintains a time partitioned table per Google Analytics View you have configured.

How does access delegation work?

You will be presented with this dialogue when delegating access to Scitylana. Before delegating permission to Scitylana we recommend you read our terms and all the information available on the Google delegation page shown to your right.

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