Export Google Analytics data

Get your Google Analytics data everywhere

The cheapest option to get access to the click-stream / hit-level data

Available Destinations

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See a sample of how the data looks inside Google BigQuery

The screenshot show a few of the available columns in the dataset

See a sample of how the data looks inside Microsoft Power BI

The screenshot show a few of the available columns in the dataset


Export ALL your data

Collect  your  data anywhere and tear down the Google Analytics data silo. 


Gain insight to the exact human behaviour order with clickstream data.

More Custom Dimensions

Get 100+ Custom Dimensions with SCITYLANA.

Distinct Count

Get Distinct Count and link your Google Analytics data with multible datasets in a datalake.

Client ID

Get Client ID retrospectively with SCITYLANA’s unique back-filling algorithm.

Unsampled hit-level data

Escape the issues with aggregated data and start using hit-level data.

Increased Volume

Overcome the limitation of 1 million hits per day.

Scitylana’s unique algorithm provides you with ALL your data at hit-level granularity

“Why is data important?”

The following dashboards are made in collaboration with Miild – a Scitylana premium partner. Miild decided to start using SCITYLANA in order to perform necessary calculations to gain important  insights and become data driven.

The following dashboards originates from this client case.

Case 1: Miild Uses hit-level data to calculate their funnel attribution 

Click here to learn more about attribution 

Case 2: Miild uses hit-level data and our Facebook Ads Power BI connector to calculate the real ad cost per user. Note the data from the last four columns are a combination of at least two sources

Get historical data now and break the barriers to faster insights

Receive fresh data every day    and ensure continuous insights

Back-fill hit-level data now

Parallel Tracking

Google Analytics in BigQuery

Google Analytics 360

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