Do this before Google Analytics Services SDKs shuts down and save you GA before its too late

If you have received a notification from Google regarding sunsetting Google Analytics Services SDKs you will need our help to extract all your data before January 31, 2020.

The reason you need our help is that Scityana is the only ETL that can extract raw data from the Google Analytics API, which is what you need, if you want to avoid losing any data while switching to Firebase Analytics.

Scitylana will extract raw data from Google Analytics Services SDK and store it in BigQuery, so that you can merge the data with new data from Firebase Analytics.

Actually you can store the raw data anywhere you like, but the point is you won’t lose valuable historical data and you can hit the ground running with whatever new analytics you are using.

Of course you can also chose to extract the reports yourself, but you won’t be able to merge these reports with your future data for three important reasons.

Top three reasons why only raw hit-level data works

1. Reports in Goolge Analytics are restricted to 7 dimensions (Data extracted with Scitylana is not)

2. Reports in Google Analytics are sampled (Data extracted with Scitylana is not)

3. Reports based on other reports prevents you from making distinct counts (sorry, but if you don’t understand what distinct count is, chances are, that you have misinterpreted all your data. Reports based on Scitylana data are 100% accurate, because you can make distinct counts)

What is the conclusion?

If you don’t extract all your data using Scitylana before January, 31, 2020, they will be lost forever.
Let us help you. 

Read Google’s article here; :// 

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