Firebase Analytics – Get started without loosing your historical Google Analytics data

This Blogpost is for you, if you are considering switching from Google Analytics to Firebase Analytics, but are worried about losing years of valuable data in the process.

What’s the big deal you ask? Well for those of us, who already know the power of raw data, it is a relief that Firebase Analytics will allow you to export raw data directly into BigQuery, as is the case with Google 360 and Scitylana.

If you are a digital marketeer worth your salt, you should be looking at Firebase Analytics as an opportunity to get to the next level, because in many ways, Firebase Analytics is what analytics experts have been looking for, for years. In time Firebase Analytics will make Scitylana obsolete, but until that happens we are here to serve.

So you would think, that we would be upset with Firebase, but we are not, because it’s stupid to get upset with progress. Therefore, we have decided to help those who wish to migrate from Google Analytics Free to Firebase Analytics. You are Welcome!

If you are in a situation, where you or a clients of yours, is reluctant to migrate to Firebase Analytics, because they are worried about losing historical data, then we suggest you start use Scitylana to extract all your raw data from Google Analytics Free and place it in BigQuery, together with your future Firebase Analytics data. That way you can hit the ground running with Firebase Analytics without loss of past data. You are welcome!

If you are interested in getting more information on the differences between Google Analytics Free and Firebase Analytics, you will find links at the end answering the following questions: 

What is firebase?

“Firebase uses an event-based data model, which results in reporting differences compared to those in Google Analytics. Unlike Google Analytics which has many screenview- and session-oriented reports, in Firebase all reports are user- or event-focused.” 


Who should consider Firebase?

“Firebase is a mobile development program. If you’re going to focus on monitoring your app, Firebase is a mobile-focused app that monitors behaviors that occur often with mobile apps. It is tailored more towards app behaviors.”

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