Marketing-to-sales funnel insights finally made easy!

ase your campaigns on facts instead of feelings. Combine your data sources in MS Power BI.

Get to know the whole funnel – from source to conversion.

  • Load raw Google Analytics data in Power BI through Scitylana
  • Load online campaign data from Facebook etc.

Once loaded, find the fields that your various data sources have in common.

  • For Facebook campaigns, look for the utm-code from your campaigns. This is the key you use to combine your data from Facebook to Google Analytics in Power BI.

Now you have impressions, reach, CTR, bounce rate, conversion etc at your fingertips:


It does not have to take a huge investment in expensive tools to achieve the whole funnel, and not only using the website purchase conversion value in Facebook business manager. This is based on the Facebook attribution model – not your own.

You already have the data. Don’t be afraid to use them.

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