Scitylana Smart ETL for  Google Analytics 

Scitylana will extract full hit-level data from Google Analytics Free, including the ClientID, and provide you with the data exactly where you want it. Additionally, Scitylana eliminates the 7 dimension restriction and provides you with all sessions and hits in +100 dimensions.

  No credit card required 

Words from our customers

Scitylana’s data gave us insights that made ecut our ad spend 60% without impacting our turnover 

Troels Mulvad van Wonterghem,

Anyone who looks at analytics and utilizes it for marketing and business decisions should be using Scitylana


Shane J. Ketterman, Rewire digital

Scitylana enables our team of data scientists to access event level data with ease in order to shape and refine UX and media strategy”

Alex Sapoznikov, Mercury

Only the Google Analytics part took me about five hours… Now it takes literally 0 minutes to update” 


Andrey Tatarchuk, Mango Telecom

Start working with hit-level Google Analytics data today! 

Our solution requires no implementation and instantly provides you with years of hit-level data exactly where you want it. 

No Implementation

No implementation needed. Connect you Google Analytics account with Scitylana and start off with a full data-set today

Cloud Native 

SCITYLANA’s cloud native solution uses Google’s API to extract your Google Analytics data as hit-level. Choose between S3, Azure and BigQuery as destinations.

Maximum Freedom

Connect your data with multiple data sources and experience the freedom of working with hit-level data exactly where you want to.

Marketing Leap

Scitylana takes Mercury Media to the next level

Ad Operations Manager Jason Zhong explains.

Back-fill hit-level data now

Parallel Tracking

Google Analytics in BigQuery

Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics Partnership

Official Google Analytics Technology Partner